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Anchor version 2.2.4 Release

Improved Performance, New Secure Share Option for the Outlook Add-in, Consolidation of the Outlook Add-In Ribbon Buttons, Customizable Team Share Email Template, Team Share Subscription Notice Policy, and More

Agent Version:

Outlook Add-in Version:

Release date: Week of Feb. 23, 2015


eFolder is pleased to announce Anchor v2.2.4, the latest release that includes new features, fixes and improvements.

Anchor v2.2.4 new features, fixes and improvements include:


New Features:

  • Customizable Email Templates for Team Shares—in addition to welcome emails, guest welcome emails, and share emails, administrators can now customize Team Share emails.
  • Team Share policy to disable subscription notice via email—administrators now have the option to turn off subscription notice emails for new and existing Team Shares.
  • Secure Share for Outlook Add-in—administrators now have the option of turning on the Force New Share Links to Require Login policy, which ensures that all share links—including those sent through the Outlook add-in—are sent as secure shares. If this policy is not enabled, end users now have the option of configuring their Outlook add-in settings so that all items are sent as secure shares.
  • Consolidation of Outlook Add-in UI buttons—the Outlook add-in ribbon buttons have been consolidated for improved user experience and content management.
  • Phase 2 of back-end data file indexing to improve performance with the handling of larger file types
    • Synced Tool Agents older than version are no longer supported.


  • Indexed PostgreSQL tables
    • Faster web dashboard
    • Faster activity log
    • Faster database operations
    • Removed Registration Type Radio for Organizations Service Plans


  • Fixed API import issue when Active Directory didn’t have email addresses
  • Fixed issue where certain organization policies were disabled when signing up through a Service Plan
  • AVG added our digital signature to their Trusted Database, finally, by way of pulling teeth
  • Outlook Add-in bug fixes
  • Fixed machine tab sorting
  • Excluded files list now properly appears
  • Daily Digest now consistently delivers daily
  • Corrected hover-over tooltip for Create Guest
  • Numerous licensing server fixes & improvements
  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause updates to files greater than 4GB to fail
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent auto-purge from purging files deleted via parent folder

Anchor version 2.2.3 Release

New Mobile Features, Improved Performance, Reporting and Auditing, Guest Messaging, and more!

Release date: Week of January 26, 2015
*Agent & server version:
*Updated EULA 

Anchor version 2.2.2 Release

Improved PostgreSQL Reconnection, OS X Fix

Release date: Week of January 12, 2015

*Agent Version:

*Server Version:


Please contact eFolder Support ( if you have any questions about this new release.


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