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Matt Dugan September 1, 2015 Other / Service Advisory

We are excited to announce that the Anchor Knowledge Base will soon merge with Folder’s Knowledge Base community. Anchor has been a part of the eFolder family of products since September of 2013, so we are looking forward to this move to best serve our partners. 

Please note that the Anchor Community, including our Feature Request service, will remain open and active until further notice.

What does this mean for me?

  • For the time being, you can find Anchor Knowledge Base articles in the Anchor Community and the eFolder Knowledge Base
  • Soon, the Anchor Knowledge Base will be officially decommissioned; however, you will still have the ability to view redirect links.
  • The Anchor Community, including our Feature Request service, will remain open and active until further notice.

Where can I find Anchor-related information in eFolder's Knowledge Base community?

Redirect links have been added within each existing Anchor Knowledge Base article, linking you to the appropriate article in the eFolder Knowledge Base.


Chris Sferlazza April 17, 2013 Other / Community Help


anchor-red (1).png

Anchor Version 2.5.1 Build .941 Release

Release Information

Versions: (Windows) (Mac)

(SaaS Only—Private cloud will receive this update soon with the release of Anchor version 2.5.2)

Release Date:

Wednesday August 17th, 2016

eFolder is pleased to announce Anchor v2.5.1.941, our latest release of Anchor.


  • Hydration method query is now further improved for sync down performance
  • Print options dialogs generated from third-party applications no longer hang when "Finding available printers"

Anchor Version 2.5.1

eFolder is pleased to announce Anchor v2.5.1, our latest release of Anchor, which includes new features, improvements, and important fixes.


  • Unlock Account feature allows Organization Administrators to manually unlock a user account that was locked due to failed password attempts.
  • Drag and Drop functionality is now available to users in the My Files tab of the end user web portal.
  • Sync and registration events are now logged in agent log files and viewable in the Windows Event Viewer and the OS X Console.
  • Groups can now be created and managed through the APIv2.
  • Auto-generated passwords now force the user to reset the password upon initial log in.
  • Password reset confirmation notification now displays as expected.
  • Password reset link(s) will now expire upon modification of account settings.
  • Forgot Password and Two-Step Recovery notification messaging is now generic.
  • Apache, OpenSSL, mod_wsgi, bitrock, and QT framework are now updated for security and stability improvements.
  • Improved log formatting is now available for server logs, agent logs, and Outlook add-in logs.
  • Permission errors related to mapped folders are now visible in the agent UI.
  • German language translation corrections have been implemented.
  • Share links now display the organization name for the user initiating the share.
  • The Email From Address tooltip no longer displays the Anchor brand name.
  • The browser tab for the application download page is now branded.
  • File change activity through WebDAV will now display as WebDAV in the Activity Log.
  • Custom session handling class is now replaced with Flask.
  • When the Web Preview tool is disabled, HTML files will now download as expected, instead of displaying in the browser.
  • Private Cloud web activity log time-stamps, file names, and order of events are now enhanced.



  • Agent overlays no longer cause Windows Explorer to crash in certain conflicting Windows 7 or 8 environments.
  • Agent database resets no longer trigger file conflicts to overwrite remotely.
  • Agent service now properly starts automatically.
  • Empty folder structures no longer sync down when deselecting folder(s) through the Selective Sync GUI.
  • Empty folders now properly remain deleted.
  • Agent no longer goes into an error state when handling outdated revisions in certain instances.
  • Agent no longer sends unexpected delete events to the server when re-selecting an entire root via the Selective Sync GUI.
  • Agent now properly syncs files that are renamed while syncing down.
  • Files are no longer reverted to an older version as a result of a deviation error.
  • The Two-Step Authentication organization policy now properly redirects to the web when configuration is required.
  • Download count now increases when folders are downloaded as zip files.
  • Users can now upload revisions through the web for content they have previously locked.
  • The Secure Share Dialog Tooltip now functions properly.
  • The System Tray icon overlay now properly refreshes when all conflicts have been resolved.
  • The application icon in the OS X Finder toolbar now properly loads and unloads.
  • Custom branding is now present in specific edge cases when downloading the OS X Agent from the welcome email.
  • The OS X Conflict Resolution dialog now properly exists in the foreground.
  • Restore paths are now properly created on OS X.
  • HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) is now enabled for Private Cloud.
  • Outlook Add-in bug fixes.


If you have any questions, please contact your eFolder Account Manager or the Anchor Support Team (

Warmest Regards,

The eFolder Team

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